Star Wars Miniatures is one of the most exciting brands I worked on during my career. I designed and directed the print collateral, packaging, and figures along with the RPG books. Wizards of the Coast released a standard booster set three times a year with up to 60 new figures. Boosters were supplemental packs to add to a collection for game play. In addition to boosters, Wizards released battle packs, starter packs and map packs during a calendar year.
I worked with Lucas Licensing and the game play designer to determine which characters might go well within a set. I commissioned pose sketches for each character based on rarity. Complex poses were reserved for rare figures. Once we had an approved pose, I’d request an orthographic sketch of each character. These multi-view sketches became the blueprint for the 3D creation of the figures while one sketch was featured on the game cards. Upon an approved 3D prototype, I would commission painting the prototypes (paint masters), which would act as a guide during production. Paint masters were always stunning. Since poses and paint steps were based on production cost, reducing deco steps (paint steps) for mass production was a necessary part of my job. My desire was to make each figure as close to the paint master as possible. 

Here are a few of the figures I was very pleased with. I had the unique pleasure of working with some of the best talent in the world, great teams at Wizards, Lucas Licensing and Hasbro Far East to get the results you see here. Thanks for viewing.

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