We unified the brand look and feel
The brand: Star Wars Miniatures Game
The product: Collectable Miniatures Game Accessories
The customer: Core gamers and Star Wars fans
Our attitude: Be objective. Learn something.
Our approach: Ask questions. Assess the market.
Our goals: Make achievable targets to measure.
Our strategy: Choose tactics. Be unique.
We identified our problem areas
The Star Wars brand manager requested a redesign of the Star Wars Miniatures packaging for a fresh look to introduce a full line of new products based on The Clone Wars animated series: boosters, a starter set, map packs, and a scenario pack. As a team, we needed to be open to ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Together with the brand manager and members of the sales team, we made market walks in retail locations to view the original packaging in a real-world environment. We considered placement, package condition, and visibility on the shelf against competitive products. We visited Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and core hobby stores.
We walked before we designed
Our goals for the new packaging included:
Reduce the size of the package while maintaining visual space of illustrations and logos
Consider unique packaging shapes to create distinction and drive visibility
Improve readability and message hierarchy by placement and color choices
Show more of the product contents on the package.
Consistency across multiple Star Wars Miniatures SKUs. 
For inspiration, we explored beyond toys, games, and hobby items looking at anything that might stand out. We tossed ideas back and forth until we developed a concept that resonated with us. From there, I provided volume and scale information to my designer based on contents, factoring in our sustainable package goals (smaller package).
Recognition: Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars was announced as the best miniatures line at the 35th Annual Origins Awards.
The packaging illustrations for this series, by Terese Nielsen, were selected for Spectrum 15 and 16 as among the best in contemporary fantastic art.
Layers Magazine featured the Star Wars Miniatures packaging makeover.

Each game release required the development and design of new game pieces. The challenge was to make sure content would still fit the new smaller packaging while maintaining the same game piece scale as in previous releases.

The new booster pack design reduced materials and shipping by 20%. This design also translated successfully for all subsequent Star Wars Miniatures products.
Results: 20% reduction in package size. Desired shelf placement 
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