The story of five extraordinary 10-year-olds, who have formed a covert team, to solve extraordinary missions using technology and teamwork while fighting for kids’ rights. Kids Next Door launched on Cartoon Network in December 2002 and quickly gained a loyal fan base.
CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR TCG was designed to provide a fun and easy point of entry for six to eight-year olds to begin enjoying game play found exclusively in trading card games. The game by Wizards of the Coast was targeted to a younger audience compared to most TCG’s. Players start with a deck of cards featuring the five agents on 5 different color cards. On their turn, players decide if they want to engage in a face-off competition using their top card, or instead place that card into the Kids Next Door’s tree house headquarters. Cards placed in the tree house help boost the power of cards that are played in future face-offs.
Booster packages featuring key characters of the TV show.
When cards are played in a face-off, the player with the higher number wins the round. The first player to win 5 rounds wins the game, ensuring an entire game can be played in five minutes or less
We initially chose a bright color palette for this game. We were testing boys and girls ages five to seven. Common factors required were some knowledge of the TV show and ability to read at grade level
We changed the bright palette and focused on the “spy” theme of the TV show. We designed cool gadgets and devices for the play mat. This also led to a change in the card design style
We followed the standards for the play mat and arrived at an approved trading card design, establishing type and art standards
Final card design with standards called out.
Art description, sketch and final art before placed on trading cards.
Art description, sketch and final art before placed on trading cards.
Booster package with card back for retail peg.
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