The Battle of Hoth Scenario Pack was one of the first large multiple miniature packs done by Wizards of the Coast with a open face window. We designed the structure and graphics to be competitive in the boys toy section for greater visibility. In the past, a game like this would have been in a closed box shelved in the game section. The inside background image was printed on rainbow foil and the other game components were under the scenario floor. This product was a Q4 (4th quarter) Target Exclusive.

Our national account director sent me an email stating:

FYI – Target has sold through 75% of their order for the Hoth Pack in the 4 weeks it has been on shelf. Weekly sales of this sku were 10-35 times their normal hurdle rate and our overall volume at Target this season was the strongest we have seen in many years because of this. The Wholesaler is now moving it to their permanent section because they were so pleased with the results.

Just a few points that I though you’d like to share with your team. Thank you and great work."

I love getting this kind of feedback!
Inside foil background and package floor.
Flat packaging layout.
Final package design with product.
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