The final fronts of the book covers
I prefer to start projects on paper. These concept sketches are based on the direction given by Senior Creative Director Jon Schindehette and Art Director Kate Irwin. For more information on the creative direction, see Jon's article.
I needed to use existing elements from the previous covers.
Some of my concepts were way above budget, but I thought I'd sketch them out anyway.
Photoshop mockups representing the concept directions selected by the team. The team selected A, C, D and F.
Exploring icons, and visual texures that will be debossed and hit with a foil treatment. The visual textures would be common to all three books.
Ah, the joys of production. White underprint is part of the production process when printing on foil. Building the production files for this can be fun and challenging. You need to know what you want to shine and how much, then work backwards.
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