Conference Theme and Logo

Creating a conference theme and visual graphics for non profit organization.

Youth Volunteer Corps of America's mission statement reads: To create and increase volunteer opportunities to enrich youth, address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service.
Veronica Knight, VP of YVCA contacted me for a brainstorming session to develop a theme for the first YVCA International Conference. She wanted to center the message on volunteering in local communities close to home. "A lot of people think of foreign and exotic locations when it comes to volunteering. YVCA offers rewarding opportunities for youth to volunteer in their own backyard." 
With home communities as the focus, we discussed qualities embodied by volunteers and narrowed it down to three key words taken from the Wizard of Oz characters who went on a journey seeking something to make them complete.
Brains: The smarts to recognize a need in the community. 
Courage: Brave enough to step out and shine. To be part of the solution. 
Heart: A desire to help others. 
Home: Start in ones own community with the three qualities mentioned.
We themed the conference, "There's No Place Like Home" and utilized the individual symbols within a grouping. We gave the client visual examples of how the final graphic could be applied to T-shirts and tote bags. They loved the final work and we enjoyed working with them.
Each of these words carried a strong visual and since home was the focus. We decided to use a theme centered around home.
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