Arts Unlimited Logo

Create a mark for Arts Unlimited that fits the mission and goals of the organization.

The client loved the final symbol and logo. It represents the name of the organization as well it's mission to build connections between groups within the community.
Arts Unlimited is a Washington State non profit organization with a mission to create a community hub that facilitates interaction between artists, businesses, residents and other groups in Renton Washington.
Rough sketches can happen anywhere. I try to keep something to doodle with all the time. My exploration was more extensive, this is the short version of ideas. I worked a few ideas with the letter "A", but the client thought that was over done and too easy of a solution. The client liked the infinity loop ideas so that became my focus. 
I decided to focus on the loop idea and made a paper mock up. I photographed the mock up at several angles with my cell phone.  This angle resonated with me and I took the image into Adobe Illustrator to take it to the next step.
I wanted to explore other possibilities with the loop. Sometimes I do this as just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I try not to be married to a design concept. I want to explore it as much as possible within schedule and budget. Usually I do that in the sketch stage, but sometimes I come back and revisit ideas.
Final symbol and logo with shadow. I will be working on a standards document and may post it here when I complete it.
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